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State v. Vankerkooy - New Jersey Appellate Division Holds Radar Device Reliable (Stalker Dual SL)

Per The New Jersey Law Journal:

"A state appeals court has upheld the scientific reliability of the Stalker Dual SL, a widely used radar device for detecting speeders.

"The court, in State v. Vankerkooy, A-1423-10, held Wednesday that a prosecution expert, flown in from Texas to testify at the municipal court hearing on reliability, provided sufficient ground to rely on the radar readings.

"The per curiam, unpublished opinion appears to be the first by an appeals court concerning the device."


"In 2010, an appeals court held that speed readings from another Stalker device, the Lidar, which uses laser technology, could not be used until the machine's accuracy was established through independent testing. That case, State v. Green, 417 N.J. Super. 190 (App. Div. 2010), was precedential."

Full article and link to per curiam decision follow...