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2d Circuit Reverses District Court: Holds Poker Not "Game of Skill" - U.S. v. DiCristina, 12-3720

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In a move that likely surprised very few, the "U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned an August acquittal by a New York U.S. District Court of defendant Lawrence DiCristina that had been made because of a finding that “Texas Hold ‘Em” poker was not covered by the Illegal Gambling Business Act."

“Today’s decision by the 2nd Circuit Court, while unfortunate, only adds to the growing call for federal clarity on the definition of gambling,” said John Pappas, executive director of the Poker Players Alliance. “The 2nd Circuit clearly did not dispute the district court’s finding that poker is a game of skill. This is a key point distinguishing poker from the types of gambling games that Congress and state legislatures have often tried to prohibit. What the court did was conclude that the IGBA does not set forth an independent federal definition of gambling, but instead only incorporates state law."

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