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Freeman v. Fischer - Plaintiffs' Counsel Awarded $800,000 in vintner shipping case

Underlying case discussed here:

Per The New Jersey Law Journal:

In Freeman v. Fischer, Plaintiffs challenged a New Jersey law prohibiting out of state wineries from shipping to New Jersey residents, while permitting local wineries to do so. Eventually, the U.S. District Court "stayed the proceedings while the Legislature moved a bill that ultimately was enacted last January. The law now permits direct-shipping licensure of wineries that produce less than 250,000 gallons a year, ship only their own products, ship no more than 12 cases a year per person for personal use and comply with tax-collection requirements.

"In light of the legislation, the parties entered into a joint consent order Hayden signed last April 24, which resolved all issues except for fees. The plaintiff lawyers sought $822,089 in total fees and costs."

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